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The beginning of 2008 has started off with a dash and what a privilege it is to enjoy good health and another year full of great expectations.

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Mfuleni Primary School

First Aid course

First Aid course

Lewis Stores donated a large twin tub washing machine




Welcome Michelle

In my last newsletter at the end of 2007 I wrote about the substantial donation that Pick ‘n Pay gave us in aid of new school uniforms and accessories for our boys who were starting school for the first time. These are our boys standing in line on their first day ... looking quite nervous but oh so smart! THANKS AGAIN PICK ‘N PAY!!

They have all settled down to their new environment and the Care Givers see to it that they do their homework in the afternoon.

Banele & Ricardo both Grade 1 pupils received awards for “Neatness” which makes us very proud!

There are more pictures on the “photograph” page showing our shopping outing.

The Mfuleni Primary School has introduced Pre-Primary classes from this year and we are glad to say that three of our youngsters are attending.

Our staff attended a First Aid course in January run by EduCare to ensure that they are equipped to attend to emergencies here at Masigcine as well as at their own homes.

Their next course will be held in April 2008. This training will cover aspects of Child Discipline and the implications, consequences, age appropriateness and different methods of implementing discipline.

It is so exciting for me to share with you the goodness of people.

Lewis Stores donated a large twin tub washing machine which put a smile on Hilda’s face. We were also able to purchase an industrial size tumble dryer with a donation we received from the NG Kerk.

SITA supported us once again. They gave us school shirts & trousers, toiletries and a new pair of plastic crocks for each child. These shoes are very practical. Hannelie Fouche donated clothing and Johan de Lange from Durbanville gave us a box of brand new story books.

Thank you to each and every one of you!

Cynthia Mehlo has been a loyal employee at Masigcine since July 1990. She retired at the end of February 2008. On behalf of the Board we hope that her golden years will be peaceful and relaxing and that she will be blessed with good health. Thank you for your dedication to your work Cynthia. Your colleagues and the children will miss you dearly.

Jonathan Erasmus our eldest is also leaving us. He will be going to live at the SOS Children’s Home in Thornton very soon. Jonathan has been with us since a very young age but now that he is getting older and needs to be around children of his own age, we believe that the timing of this transition is right.

Lisakhanya who has been at Masigcine for the past 4 years will soon be reunited with her Mommy. This is joyful news for us because our ultimate aim is to see the children reunited with their parents or adopted / fostered into loving families. We will miss Lisakhanya’s smiling face!

We are glad to report that Andiphiwe Mpiti who spent many weeks in Tygerberg Hospital undergoing a number of operations to close a colostomy and do reconstruction work of her anus, has returned to Masigcine. The doctors are so pleased with her recovery that her next check up is only in a year’s time.

Abednigo is the father of one of the little boys at Masigcine. Abednigo visits his son every couple of days and over time, we have built up a relationship with him and learnt that he is a hardworking and reliable man. Hence we offered him casual employment to attend to the garden and to do other handyman jobs around the Home. As a result of this, Abednigo now earns some extra income plus can spend time with his son. He is also planning on being reunited with his son as soon as he gets a job. He has experience as a Baker.

The Board has appointed Mrs Michelle Koornhof to the position of Public Relations Officer / Secretary at Masigcine with effect from the 2nd April 2008. With her extensive nursing experience; her good organizational and communication skills and ultimately her love for the wellbeing of the children, we are confident that she will add value to the effective running of Masigcine. Michelle has been involved on a volunteer basis since September last year and the staff and children have grown to love her, respect her judgement and enjoy her friendly and outgoing personality.

Welcome Michelle!