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Despite the cold and very wet weather we have currently experienced this winter, it is so reassuring that our children at Masigcine Children's Home are in a safe, warm (thanks to Gree Air Conditioners), hygienic and pretty homely environment where they are receiving lots of love and care.

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Gary and Wanda

Neal and the boys...and girls

The boys!



Michelle and Amahle on Amahle's Birthday

There have been many comings and goings over the past three months. As mentioned in previous new letters, it is our aim and hearts desire that, should circumstances warrant it, that the children are reunited with their parents. We thank God that Emihle, Lisakhanya, Ryno and Sikhona have all gone back home to their families. With them leaving us, it has opened up place for other needy children to find a place of safety where they are cared for by dedicated staff. Our Home can accommodate 28 children and we have reached this maximum.

We are extremely grateful to our dedicated volunteers who come regularly to spend time with the children and lend a hand wherever needed. Every human being wants to feel special and with the attention that the staff at Masigcine and the volunteers give these little ones, it shows.

Our staff attended a course in April on Child Discipline and the implications; consequences; age appropriateness and different methods of implementing discipline. The method of "time out" was the most appropriate method for our age group of children. The course was run by Andalene from the company Monsters to Munchkins. Her expertise in this field is highly recommended.

Michelle, who joined Masigcine at the beginning of April, has made major inroads in various areas since her appointment. She has introduced regular structured activities for the children like planting beans and making pretty pictures and craft work which she displays throughout the home and this gives the little ones great joy to see their handy work on show. She spends time with children individually too which is very rewarding for the child. She ensures that they all receive their multi vitamins on a daily basis as well as other medication whenever needed. She takes the children to the doctor and we are very grateful to Dr Lindenberg & Dr Christie for their pro-bono services. Michelle has also made a point of making each child feel extra special on their birthday. Her PRO skills have come into play through networking with other organizations and approaching companies for donations. Thank you for all your input, Michelle.


Once again it gives me great pleasure to announce the donations we have received over the past few months.

  • Woolworths
  • groceries
  • Mrs Koegelenberg & Mrs Kriel
  • jam, socks, clothing, pencil cases
  • NG Kerk Gordon's Bay
  • financial
  • NG Kerk Parow North
  • financial
  • Mrs Geldenhuys
  • clothing and tracksuits
  • Zahn van Wyk
  • clothes and shoes
  • Rene
  • financial
  • Mr. Van Zyl
  • financial
  • Elmari
  • computer, laptop, printer and clothes
  • Investec
  • computer for volunteer
  • Yvonne Prinsloo
  • domestic washing machine
  • VGK Eersteriver
  • disposable nappies and groceries
  • Tuffy Brands
  • plastic white aprons for the staff
  • Lenox Mashazi
  • blankets
  • Stellenberg Jeug
  • clothes, nappies, blankets, groceries
  • Carl & Emily Fuchs Trust
  • financial
  • Nestle
  • groceries
  • PG Bison
  • financial
  • Ernie & Ronel Roworth
  • clothes and shoes
  • Pete & Fran Laughren
  • blankets
  • Ulrike Kussing
  • single bed & desk
  • Greg Haliburton
  • Toys and Clothes

    THANK YOU to each and every one of you - your donations are sincerely appreciated.