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2010 is here with great excitement for our country with the hosting of the soccer world cup just around the corner!

This is also an exciting year for Masigcine because it is exactly 20 years since our Home was officially registered and over the years many children have passed through Masigcine with a blessing.

We are happy to report that South Africa has published the new Children’s Act in the gazette with effect from the 1st April 2010. This will mean comprehensive improvements for the grounds on which services for 'children in need of care & protection' are based.


Besides minor behavioral difficulties, which are typical for children in Children’s Homes, our school going children have done well in their first school term.

We have applied for a bursary for Zain to attend a private school in Cape Town as his performance in high above average.

The classroom program here at Masigcine with Mamma Vuyelwa is still going well.

We are working hard at getting four of our children with special needs into a special school but the waiting list in long and the administration is slow!

Little Xoliseka has been successfully reunified with his dad and Inam & Baxolele (brother & sister) have gone to live with their grandmother in the Eastern Cape. We miss them but know that they are in good care.

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Children at the beach


Our children along with two staff members and our international volunteers went to the beach one warm Wednesday afternoon. They were covered in sand when they returned but couldn’t stop telling us about the lovely time they had!

Community activities:

Six of our girls are regularly attending the Nobantu Centre Dance class on a Monday & Wednesday and are thoroughly enjoying it. Sometimes they show us the moves and wow, they have the rhythm.

We mentioned in our previous newsletter about our boys playing soccer at a centre nearby but we have stopped this as the program was not well managed.


Our international volunteers continue to come and go and everyone contributes in his/her own way to the work here at Masigcine. The children are receiving more individual attention which is of fundamental importance.


We view ongoing staff training as one of the most important programs for a Home such as ours. At the moment, we are offering our ladies the following:


Masigcine has high standards in the area of cleanliness, tidiness and hygiene. The staff members are very proud of the Home and take ownership of their work and equipment. We have a policy that, if and when repair work is needed, it is attended to immediately.

Our small vegetable garden is producing beautiful red tomatoes, our pride & joy!

Financial matters:

Donations received:

Thank you to all the companies and individuals who have supported and visited Masigcine these past few months. We are sincerely grateful to you for your gifts, time and prayers.

Thank you!