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"Raise the bar to 5 star" for Masigcine Children's Home with


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Raising the bar

Raising the bar

Raising the bar

Raising the bar

Raising the bar

On the morning of Friday, the 28th November 2008, 15 employees from Old Mutual arrived at the Masigcine Children's Home in Mfuleni to partake in a GreaterGoodSA - one day equity project to RAISE THE BAR TO 5 STAR for this Home where 25 orphaned and abandoned children live.

On their arrival, the staff members were divided into teams under the leadership of a NEWKIDZ on the block members and were assigned to various jobs.

Every company has thinkers, dreamers, workers, followers, talkers, leaders and loafers, so this was an ideal opportunity to identify the strengths and weaknesses in each team member.

The work that the Old Mutual staff accomplished during their 5–hours of hard work at Masigcine Children's Home was that they:

  • Prepared a vegetable garden
  • Painted a galvanized shed in the backyard to look colourful and fresh with white walls and a red roof and door
  • Cut and the grass and neatened the garden
  • Touched up the paintwork throughout the Home
  • Packed and sorted the clothing in the store room
  • Packed and sorted the toys
  • Prepared the bedroom for the international volunteers who will be arriving at the Home early in January
  • Painted stop signs on the newly painted roads in the back yard
  • The camaraderie amongst the Old Mutual employees and the laughter throughout the day was wonderful.

    We would like to convey a special word of thanks to:
    Builders Warehouse – they kindly donated 90% of the material needed to complete the project.

    Lourens Road Markings – they supplied the paint, labour and machinery to paint the roads for the children to ride their scooters on – all free of charge.

    GreaterGoodSA – they donated R6000.00 towards this project. Most of this money went towards the purchasing of two double bunk beds for the volunteers room.

    A final thought...
    A project of this nature means so much to the staff and children because it shows them that people are interested in them and are concerned about their wellbeing. Some of the Old Mutual staff had never been to Mfuleni before so this was an ideal opportunity for them to visit a suburb unknown to them.

    NEWKIDZ projects have a HUGE feel good factor and are a great way of building team spirit.

    The vision for NEWKIDZ is to bring the staff, along with their CSI budgets to complete a worthy task in their community. It's a WIN, WIN situation – we are all winners when we get involved in our communities.

    Giving to someone who cannot repay you is one of the most rewarding experiences in life and that's a whole lot better than going home with all you have to show is a bruise from a paint ball gun!