Children's Home

Registered Welfare Organisation:
003-483 NPO

12 School Street
PO Box 1106
South Africa

Tel: +27219010052
Fax: 0866594291

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Our Vision and Mission

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Directions to Masigcine


The Masigcine Children’s Home has entered a new phase in its life and we are looking for dedicated volunteers who are able and willing to give of their time to lighten the load of the many chores that one finds in the running of a children’s home.

Do you want to give back to the community for all the blessings you receive each day? We will welcome your help.

Do you have one or two hours a week or a month available?

Please call Sydene on 021–9091397 or 0828107597 to confirm the date and time you will be coming so that she can ensure that we have everything in place for your visit and that your time at Masigcine is most productive.

Thank you for your understanding.

Areas of need: